Aug 02, 2015


Does Your Child Thinks She’s Poor or Rich? Talking to Kids about Money


This is Part IV of our Money Week Series with Master Money Coach Meadow Devor. Check out today’s giveaway below! I am driving my daughter to her friends house for a sleepover. We are making small talk. I’m still in denial that she’s growing up and my almost-nine-year-old wants to spend the night away from […]

Do You Rent or Own Your Money?

money management

Editor’s Note: Enter today’s giveaway! Information is below. And no, I’m not talking about houses here. I’m talking about your money. I’m talking about my money. Do you own your money? Or do you rent your money? For the past 19 years, I’ve been renting my money. For the past 19 years, I’ve been in […]

Spotlight: Heidi Pellerano, V.P. of Hispanic Marketing at Wasserman Media Group

Heidi Pellerano

As Vice President of Hispanic Marketing at global sport and entertainment agency Wasserman Media Group, Heidi Pellerano has found a niche for herself in the world of sports marketing. Originally from Puerto Rico, she has much to say about the future of Latinas in business. She attributes her success to the influence of her mom, a PhD Epidemiologist.

Learn how to really love money


Editors’s note:  To celebrate New Latina’s first birthday we’re teaming up with a special guest contributor, Meadow Devor, financial expert and master money coach!  This week, Meadow will be sharing a new article on New Latina and giving away one FREE COPY of her 30-Day Starter Kit (a $49 value) each day (Monday through Friday) at 8PM […]

Meet Quinoa: Mother Grain of the Inca Civilization

quinoa 048

  Quinoa (keen-wa) was once called “the gold of the Incas,” or “mother grain.”  The Inca tribe turned to this ancient grain to increase the stamina of their warriors and believed the grain to be sacred.  I like the Incas also believe Quinoa packs a powerful punch. The punch our body needs, craves and deserves.  Weeks of working,  family activites and […]

What barbecue grill?


Summertime is barbecue time, but usually most regular grills are eyesores in most patios and fancy grills are often ostentatious. For these two reasons I did not own a grill until this year. My recently acquired charcoal grill is not an eyesore nor ostentatious. It actually beautifies my small courtyard in a very obvious yet […]

Unique Back-to School Challenges Military Families Face

Military wives latinas

Image credit Summer break has come to an end and school is resuming. Children are filling back packs, parents are scrambling to find all of the school supplies and Open Houses are being attended all over the United States. It is a fairly ordinary occurrence with just a little fanfare via the occasional Back to […]

Being a Stay-at Home Mom: How I Made it Work

Lisa Renata

There are mothers that are better mothers when they work. They can manage work and home amazingly, and parenting just as well. I know many working mamas, and their kids are doing great. There are mothers that prefer to stay at home, those that enjoy every minute with their child. I also know many SAH […]

“What Are You?”: Confessions From a Multiracial Latina

what are you?

“What Are You?”: Confessions From a Multiracial Latina I can usually tell when it’s coming because the person squints with this perplexed look, shaking their head from side to side, and in slow motion the words roll off of their tongue…What are you? I’ve gotten the question from colleagues, audience members, old ladies on the bus, […]

Spotlight on Sujeiry Gonzalez: Multimedia Entertainer

Career and Professional Information:  I wear many hats so I call myself a Multimedia Entertainer. More specifically, I am a writer, comedic actress, host, vlogger, blogger, visionary consultant and then some! I am the sole contributor for my website,, and also edit the content, promote the site and its many giveaways and entertaining stories, […]

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