Jul 28, 2015


Flying to San Juan


On a plane from Boston to San Juan I see many happy yet tense-looking fellow Puerto Rican passengers. The Puerto Rican lady sitting next to me barely moved, did not take a snack (not even water) nor did she respond when I asked her a question. Stormy weather, very bumpy ride as we approach San […]

6 Quick Tips for Extending the Life of Your Wardrobe

Make your wardrobe last

Taking good care of your clothes is essential to making sure they last a long time. The longer they last = the less money you’ll have to spend on replacing them right? Okay, I admit it, there was once a time when I wouldn’t take good care of my clothes, but luckily for me, my […]

DIY: Nourishing Pumpkin Facial Mask!

Spa treatment

It’s officially Fall and in honor of my favorite season I’ve decided to soak in all the flavors of autumn with an-at home pumpkin facial. Sure pumpkins make a delicious pie, but it’s also great for your skin as they contain antioxidants such as vitamins A, vitamins C, zinc and exfoliating enzymes that help protect […]

Ask a Professional: “How Can I Become More Active in Dating?”


Image source Mentoring Hermanas is a Q & A platform on Facebook where your burning questions are answered by a group of professional Latina women.  To submit your question, click here. QUESTION: I am 29 years old and still living at home with my parents. I don’t get to date much because I work long hours. I […]

College Prep: Starting Early (iVillage Post)

College Prep

Getty Images In January, colleges and universities across the country experienced record-breaking numbers of college applications. UCLA reported a stunning 61,498 applications, and Columbia University received a record 34,587, a 32% increase over last year. The increasing cost of a college education and the struggle to pay for those four years are clearly not slowing […]

The Top 10 Mascaras Ever!


  10 Fabulous Mascaras to Enhance Your Look! Now with the holiday season approaching, it’s definitely time to look your best, and what better than with some long, thick sexy lashes! Over the last few weeks I have tested over 20 of the latest mascaras to give you a roundup on the best ones out […]

Dealing With a Difficult Suegra

"Monster In Law" Face Off

Image source Jennifer Lopez’s on-screen character, “Charlie” faces off with her mother-in-law, “Viola”, (played by Jane Fonda), in the movie “Monster in Law.” “Suegra” is Spanish for “mother-in-law” but the problems that can occur between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law need no translating. The historically difficult relationship knows no borders when it comes to race, religion, […]

Support Scholarships for Latina Students with ‘Inspiring’ Bracelets

2011 Payless Inspiring Possibilities Scholarship

CELEBRATE HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH WITH PAYLESS — BUY $3 BRACELET TO SUPPORT THE PAYLESS INSPIRING POSSIBILITIES SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM DEDICATED TO THE HIGHER EDUCATION OF HISPANIC YOUTH For the Fourth Consecutive Year, Payless ShoeSource Partners with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund; Payless Sells Limited-Edition Bracelets Retailing for Only $3 Each; Donates $2.50 Per Bracelet Sold to the […]

¡La vida te da sorpresas!


A hard-to-please reviewer on Yelp describes the tactic he employed to make sure that the Japanese restaurant he was about to visit was the “Real deal.” He called ahead, spoke Japanese, and was relieved to hear “moshi moshi” instead of “Hola” or “Hey, bro.” Upon visiting the restaurant, finding a menu with hard-to-find Japanese dishes […]

Money Spending: What Your Coffee Says About Your Spending Style

What type of spender are you?

Editors’s note:  This week we’ve teamed up with a special guest contributor, Meadow Devor, financial expert and master money coach to talk about money!   We’re also giving away 100 downloadable copies of Meadow’s Money Love ebook ($9.99 value)  from 12pm to 4pm EST on Saturday!  Check out tonight’s giveaway information below! I really never used to […]

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