Aug 05, 2015


New Latina Spotlight: Andrea M. Gutierrez, “Knowledge is Power”

Andrea Gutierrez

Degree(s) :: College/University: B.A. in Visual Arts :: University of The Pacific. Current Job/Professional Title: I am currently an Education Specialist at Micke Grove Zoo in Lodi, CA. I develop educational programming and curriculum for school groups, assist in animal care, coordinate major events. I also coordinate our private and public summer, fall and spring zoo […]

Being a Young-Looking Mother

Tara Trinity

“Ay pobrecita, she’s so young to have a child!”  Those comments come on a daily basis, whether I’m sitting on Amtrak, waiting for the bus, or at the pediatrician’s office.  The stereotypes fly as soon as my son is in tow.  I’m automatically placed in the she-must-be-a-poor-single-Latina-mother category.  These thoughts are not just assumptions, as […]

Siempre positiva: tu actitud puede vencer barreras


¿Sabías que tu actitud y tu manera de interpretar los eventos que ocurren a tu alrededor pueden impactar el éxito, tu salud y bienestar? El ser positiva significa mantener una perspectiva flexible y llena de esperanza. Ser positiva también requiere paciencia y conlleva comprender que no todo tiene que ocurrir de una manera precisa. Una […]

Get Rid of The Elephant In Your Life!


If you are living your life with a secret or a painful reality, it is not going to go away unless you begin to acknowledge it, talk about it, or do something about it. Often, we find ourselves under circumstances (at home, work, or in a romantic relationship) that gradually become a great source of […]

9 Questions to Consider Before Having Another Baby!


Mujer, are you thinking about having another baby?  Are cute images of soft-skin, rosy cheeks and baby-powdered-smelling-babies popping all over your head?  If your clock for another baby is ticking, you might be weighing the pros and cons of having another bundle of love in your arms. We’ve put together a list of questions to […]

Ask a Professional: What’s the Fastest Way to Get Back In Shape After Giving Birth?

latino baby infant

Question: What is the fastest way to get back in shape after giving birth? Mentoring Hermanasis a Q & A platform on Facebook where your burning questions are answered by a group of professional Latina women — supporting our hermanas one question at a time.  To submit your question, click here. Answer by Marisol Godinez-Brainin, Fitness […]

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