Jul 31, 2015


Ask a Fashion Expert: “I Work From Home…How Can I Pull Together a Fashionable Look?”


Question: I work from home and wear my hair in the same style and wear gym clothes everywhere.  Any advice on how to pull together a look for someone who works from home? Answer by Carmen Ordoñez, Fashion Expert Hi Jenny, Thanks for writing in. Working from home definitely has its perks, but at the […]

Learn How Successful People Think

successful people

Book Pages is a weekend series where we share pages from our favorite books, so you can take a peak and decide if you want more. Today’s featured book is How Successful People Think, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, a workbook by John C. Maxwell, a New York Times bestselling author. The workbook is […]

Latina Poets and Their Male Muses


Tough Love It’s not an easy thing loving you It’s a battle for sure Always fighting the urge to hit you with these bulbous words that when left unsaid weigh on my soul like lead   And if unrequited would certainly maim me   So, this hard-to-express scary thing remains lodged in my throat suffocating […]

New Latina on iVillage Turbo Talk Show

iVillage 1

iVillage premiered it’s new Turbo Talk show this week! Watch this 5-minute episode, hosted by Kelly Wallace, iVillage Chief Correspondent, with guests Angélica Pérez, Lauren Hand, and Jennifer Pons. In this episode, find out what’s Jennifer’s boldest beauty secret (hint: it has something to do with olive oil), Angélica’s must-half beauty ritual inside her car and Lauren’s hair […]

Why Latinas Are Marrying Non-Latinos


Interracial and interethnic marriages are at an all-time high, according to a study by the Pew Research Center.  One-in-seven new U.S. marriage in 2008 was interracial or interethnic, with Latinos having the second highest rate (25.7), compared to Asians (30.8), Blacks (15.5) and White (8.9). The study attributes the increasing trend to the growing acceptance […]

India Perez-Urbano: Young and Talented


“Hair” (Self-photograph, taken by India Perez-Urbano) Name: India Perez-Urbano Career/Professional Status:  High school student — 11th grade City you live in: New York “Teddy” Country of origin or family heritage? Born in USA, Dominican-descent Three words that best describes you: enthusiastic, nerdy and visionary “London Eye” Stilettos or Flats? Stilettos Who has always inspired you […]

The 48 Laws of Power: “Avoid the Unhappy and the Unlucky”


Today’s featured book under our Book Pages Series is The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, a recently recommended reading by a very good friend.  This bestselling book is for those who want to become more empowered or want to arm themselves against power.  The author lists and describes 48 essential laws of power that will […]

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