Jul 28, 2015


8 Reasons to be a Lifetime Student


Contributing Author:  Mónica Olivera Hazelton In today’s society, women often find it very difficult to find time for themselves. Between jobs and/or children, family responsibilities and social ones, the pace of our lives is often too fast to allow for personal growth. But making time for our own interests and expanding our field of knowledge […]

Quiz: Are You a Workaholic?


Can’t stop working? Do you set unrealistic expectations for your performance (perfectionism)? Do friends and loved ones complain that you’re “always working…” It’s all a matter of degree of course. Working hard is important for achieving our life goals, taking care of our families and ourselves.  The problem occurs when we are not able to […]

How to Be a Budget-Friendly Fashionista!


Contributing Author: Carmen Ordoñez Growing up I guess you could say I was always a bargain hunter when it came to shopping. Always on the lookout for the latest sales or where I could get that $200 designer dress for a lot less…or at least one that looks just like it.  Maybe it came from […]

Announcing Launch of Multicultural Familia!

Multicultural Blogazine

We’re happy to announce and support Multicultural FamiliaTM, an online magazine that we’ll be launching tomorrow Monday, May 30th! Multicultural FamiliaTM is a dedicated site for individuals and families of diverse backgrounds to come together and share their stories, find helpful resources and connect with others who share their perspectives.  The community is made up of a […]

Using Colors to Enhance Your Brand, Business or Blog


Contributing Author:  Tanya Salcido Brand representation of our company or product is crucial in gaining the trust and confidence of our consumers. While most business owners would focus more in verbal marketing and representations, some do not realize the importance of a visual representation. In modern psychology, it has been found that people associate things […]

A Celebration of Our Curves

body curves

Which curve in your body do you love the most? Strange question, right? That’s because we’re always talking up a storm about what we dislike and wish we could change about our bodies.   We complain about the extra pounds, the saggy breasts, our pear shaped bodies, our big (or flat) behind  — you name it! […]

Dharma E. Cortes, Ph.D., Social Scientist

dharma phd

New Latina Spotlights! Celebrating all that we are! Today’s spotlight shines on my long time best friend and mentor, Dharma E. Cortes! Current job/professional title:  Social scientist City you live in: Lynn, MA Country of origin or family heritage? Born in Puerto Rico, arrived in the US at 23. Three words that best describes you: […]

What to Expect From Dating a Married Man – Ouch!


In light of the recent scandals of infidelity by high profile figures, we pose the following question: What should you expect if you’re dating a married man? Any, or all of these, should answer that question: Nothing. Women who date married men often believe that they’re entitled to more from these men because they’re going […]

Doing It All: Balancing Work, Life and La Familia


If you are smart, ambitious and talented, chances are you have a full plate – a very large one. The reality is that today’s Latinas want to do it all, and why not?  We’re pursuing fulfilling careers, creating businesses, taking care of family and spending time with our amigas. At work, we aim to excel, and […]

How to Handle Your Money


Money, money, money! Over the next two weeks, you’ll enjoy a series of articles filled with resources and tools on handling money in a Latina smart and conscientious manner. How we handle money matters — and it largely depends on how our family handled money.  So we begin the money conversation by reminiscing on traditional […]

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