Jul 28, 2015


I’m White, My Daughter is Latina, and I Buy Black Dolls


photo: source I have to admit, when I was a kid I probably never thought about buying a Black doll. I don’t recall if I’d ever even seen one as a child, but I can tell you that it’s a very important subject for me now. Some may be wondering, “Why are you buying Black […]

The Power of “El Chisme” (Gossip)


photo: source Growing up, my parents never sat down with us to have a formal conversation about their thoughts on pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy, drugs, good behavioral norms or values.  Yet, we grew up with a very firm understanding of where they stood on all these issues. How did that happen?  Via el chisme: “Mira […]

Padre Nuestro Que Estas En Los Cielos…


Every weekend, we bring you Book Pages, where we share pages from books on our bookshelves.  Today, I decided to share a prayer from La Santa Biblia. I remember saying “El Padre Nuestro” with my grand-mother at night before falling asleep…it gave me tremendous comfort during my childhood.  I still find myself saying this prayer […]

Rethinking the First C-Section

C-section 2

Photo by: Tammra McCauley I got my way. As soon as I said I wanted a c-section, preparations for surgery began. I was requesting major abdominal surgery and it was being given to me (no-questions-asked) in the absence of any true medical emergency. The facts: I was 38 ½ weeks pregnant—I had almost two weeks […]

Wine Tips From A Latino Winemaker

wine maker Juan

Juan Muñoz Oca, Vinicultor Juan Muñoz Oca, was visiting New York recently. We took advantage of his visit and interviewed him on wine, Latinos and winemakers. 1.  I understand there are not that many head winemakers  in this country that are Latinos.  Can you share some history of how you and your family became involved […]

“I Survived Cervical Cancer:” A Latina Shares Her Story

A header

It was October 2008 when I was diagnosed with Stage IIB Cervical Cancer only three months after I had retired from the NYPD and was ready to enjoy retirement with my husband. Life as I knew it STOPPED!! Why did I not go to the doctor sooner? I felt fine at the time and, like […]

Traveling Sola


The New Latina Guide to a Fabulous 2011 Year! is a collection of insights and tips from a group of talented Latinas (and one Latino) on how to live life to the fullest.  Today, we feature Dharma E. Cortés’ piece, on traveling on your own.  To download the free New Latina Guide, click here. Don’t […]

How She Really Does It


This is an excerpt from the book How She Really Does It, Secrets of Successful Stay-at-Home Moms, by Wendy Sachs.  Book Pages is a weekend series, where we share pages from books we love. The “Who Am I?” Moment A woman used to be judged by her tuna casserole.  Or by what her husband did […]

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