Aug 02, 2015


The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Díaz


Every weekend, we bring you Book Pages, where we share pages from our favorite books.  I’m currently reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, a 2007 novel that earned Dominican author Junot Díaz the prestigious Pulitzer Prize award in 2008. In The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Díaz utilizes footnotes to purposefully add context […]

13 Qualities that Make Us Latina Smart: Which One is Your Best?

I am Latina Smart

Being smart is not just about having a high I.Q. or getting a doctorate degree.  Being truly smart is about having personal qualities that helps us achieve, succeed and rise above life challenges. My mother dropped out of school in the 8th grade, and although she’s always regretted not completing her education, she is one […]

What to Expect When You Go for Psychotherapy


My Psychology Private Practice Office If you’ve never been to psychotherapy (or counseling by a mental health professional), you might be wondering what exactly happens on the first therapy visit.  As a licensed, clinical psychologist in private practice, I would like to demystify this process and shed some light into the wonderfulness of going for […]

If You Had Controlling Parents, by Dan Neuharth

Controlling parents

Every weekend, we bring you Book Pages, and share pages from favorite books on our bookshelves.  Below is a great quiz to find out if you grew up with controlling parents… How do you know if you grew up controlled?  Many adults raised with unhealthy control have only a vague sense of it.  Others remember […]

Back to “School” to Drink Wine and Cheese


Author: Judith Duval Oh how I love wine and cheese! I wanted to share some notes from a recent wine and cheese class I attended.  There is definitely nothing better than going to “school” to drink wine and eat cheese.  Why couldn’t all schoolwork (and just plain work), be like this for everyone all of […]

7 Things You Should Learn From a Kindergartner


The New Latina Guide to a Fabulous 2011 Year! is a collection of insights and tips from a group of talented Latinas (and one Latino) on how to live life to the fullest.  Today, we feature Jeannette Kaplun’s piece, on life lessons.  To download the free New Latina Guide, click here. ______________________________________________________ When striving to […]

Drown by Junot Díaz


Every weekend, we bring you Book Pages, where we share pages from our favorite books.  Today, we’re featuring Drown, by the Dominican Pulitzer Prize author, Junot Díaz.  The excerpt below is my favorite part of the book.  Enjoy! I lived without a father for the first nine years of my life.  He was in the […]

Healing For the Broken-Hearted


photo: source This is a guest post by Rosanna. I sat the other day with a friend, talking about the loss of her son to a tragic end, around the same time I became a new mommy. I couldn’t bear the thought of loosing such a gift.  And although I know and have experienced so […]

Happy Birthday to My 5-Year Old Girl!

A and Mami

Five years ago, I gave birth to this amazingly wonderful and beautiful child.  Her relentless spirit, her bigger-than-life smile, and her love for dancing makes her super-awesome.  I love the way she hugs so tightly, and how loud her good-night kisses are.  She’s a loyal sister (and a teacher) to her younger brother, and she’s […]

La Vida Cotidiana y Fantástica de Una Latina en Venezuela


Tenemos el gusto y el honor de brindarles la primera de una serie de entrevista enfocadas en mujeres Latinas que residen fuera de los Estados Unidos. Nuestra meta es compartir la vida cotidiana y los sueños personales y profesionales de mujeres Latinas en centro y sur América, al igual que en el caribe. Le presentamos […]

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