Jul 30, 2015


The Latina Mother-Daughter Relationship: Inspiration and Challenge

maternal bonding

I was already married with children, and for years, my mother would still call me every. single. day. “¿Comiste ya?”  (Did you eat already?) she asked daily. Bizarre?  Not really, not for a Latina mother. I couldn’t find a way to tell her that her daily monitoring was unnecessary — that I had grown up (for […]

Que Pasa? Young Latinas and Suicide Attempts


souce: stars alive Did you know that young Latinas attempt suicide at a much higher rate than any other ethnic group?  According to the 2009 CDC survey of high school students, 1 out of 9 Latina teens attempts suicide, and the rate is higher (15-21%) in New York City. Like many taboo subjects, suicide is […]

Is Psychotherapy Still Taboo for Latinos?

Counselling and Support

source: Joe Houghton Not long ago, I was waiting for an elevator at an office building.  I overhead the following conversation between a Latina woman and a Latino man, both in their early thirties: The guy comments:  “I didn’t sleep well last night…got terrible insomnia…I’m tired, breaking down…” The woman replies:  “What’s going on? Why […]

Inspiring Story: Alicia Morga: An Entrepreneur (Video)

Alicia Morga

Click on link to watch video What Entrepreneurship Means from Alicia Morga on Vimeo. Continuing on our series of interviews and videos of inspirational Latina women, I have the pleasure and honor of sharing with you the beautiful video and life story of Alicia Morga, former Chairman and CEO of Consorte Media, Inc, which she […]

Rachel Matos: Arts Educator, Portrait Artist and Professional Actor

Portrait 1 Rachel Matos

  We continue to celebrate and highlight the artistic talent of Latinas! Today’s spotlight is on Rachel Matos, an arts educator who has worked for many extraordinary arts institutions – Norton Simon, LACMA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Montclair Art Museum, Guggenheim, Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt, BX Museum, El Museo del Barrio, The Met – under different capacities […]

Disbalance: Not always a Bad thing

stress management

source: mbgrigby This week, we’re focusing on work and life. To your surprise, however, I’d like to start this conversation by discussing the importance and meaning of disbalance, not balance, as many might expect. The literature on productivity is filled with ideas and tools on how to create work and life balance.  There is this […]

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